The most attractive floral fragrances you can find…?

Many people love iris flowers and the exciting scent conjured from what has to be one of the ingredients in perfumery and one of the most expensive ingredients, it’s not the flowers that grant us the ingredient used in iris scents, it’s a rather unprepossessing-looking root with a heavenly,suede-like aroma.

lauded for centuries as a symbol of majestic power, and revered by Egyptians who placed the flowers on the brows of the Sphinx and scepters of kings – the three petals of the blossom supposedly representing faith, wisdom and valour. In both ancient Greece and Rome, orris root was already highly valued in perfumery, with fragrant unguents of iris widely used in Macedonia, Elis, and Corinth, for which they became famous.

Iris fragrances can smell as sweetly innocent as freshly laundered linen, or hint at the siren call of the boudoir – lipstick, powdered skin, and silken underthings that gradually take on the body scent of the wearer.

 Intrigued? You will be by this…



Sprouting acres of grass and green verges with every spritz, cyclamen joyously bursts through the undergrowth, swags of moss-bedecked ivy draping the powdery comfort of Iris, Chocolate, Rose, Tonka bolstering the brightness of the Ambergris, Moss, Musk

Olfactive Family: Oriental Ambery

  • Top Notes: Saffron, Red fruits
  • Heart Notes: Iris, Chocolate, Rose, Tonka
  • Base Notes: Ambergris, Moss, Musk



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