The Reason For Using Only Original Perfumes ?

There are two dominant reasons why you should use only original perfumes 


original branded perfumes are manufactured under properly controlled conditions. For example, our ingredients and processes have all been with care scrutinized by the authorities and regulators to ensure we are complying with established standards.


In other words, original perfumes are created by regulated manufacturers. The system keeps manufacturers like us responsible and accountable.

On the other side not the case with fake fragrances. They are created by unrecorded, uncontrolled, and thus, unaccountable entities that don’t need to toe any lines. They can make their perfumes from anything and combine ingredients as they wish without any regard for their end users’ safety.

Fake perfumes can contain dangerous ingredients and may havedangerously high levels of some chemicals (e.g., lead). They may be formulated with probable human carcinogens. For instance, Di(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate or DEHP, found in some counterfeit fragrances, can cause cancer and birth defects.

fake perfume manufacturers can get away with such villainous practices, too. Fake perfumes don’t go through testing and auditing, so no one keeps them accountable


High Quality 

Fake perfume is low-quality perfume. How can it not be when it doesn’t need to carry any brand promise or provide value? Counterfeit perfume is not good because it doesn’t need to be. Its manufacturer also doesn’t need your patronage or approval. They can easily say, “What do you expect? It’s fake anyway.” 

It’s different from the original perfumes. Our perfumes, for instance, have been made with the choicest ingredients according to formulations that have been repeatedly tested and refined to ensure our fragrances have an excellent scent and staying power.

Our perfumes carry our label, so we’re committed to ensuring our perfumes can deliver our brand promise and enhance our brand name.



How to Know If Perfume Is Original?

If you follow these tips, it can be done.

Note: Make sure to use these tips together. Aside from laboratory testing, there’s no single foolproof way of telling which perfumes are original and fake. Therefore, a multi-faceted analysis is often required when trying to tell authentic and fake fragrances apart.


1. Price tag

It starts with the price. Counterfeit fragrances are typically sold at a lower price than original perfumes. The thought of getting Emirates Pride oud perfumes at a much lower price can be enticing. Who wouldn’t want more of Oud, White Oud, or Golden Chance at half the price?

2. Product Packaging

It doesn’t make economic sense for fake perfume manufacturers to spend so much on product packaging.

Additionally, counterfeit perfumes don’t care about how their products look. After all, they’re not impacting their brand but the brand value of the product they’re imitating. so, they don’t focus as much on product packaging.


Check the following packaging components



 Check the box quality. Original perfumes come in high-quality boxes. Original fragrances have an image to uphold and protect, so they don’t come in cheap boxes.


Original perfumes usually come in seamless, smooth, obviously high-quality glass bottles. Fake fragrances typically come in rough, generic-looking, obviously poor-quality (may even be plastic) bottles. Even if a perfume bottle looks identical to what you’ve seen of the original product, you should inspect it closely. Does the bottle cap fit perfectly? Does it have a seam that the original perfume bottle doesn’t have?


 Look at the labels on the box and bottle. Is the name of the perfume spelled correctly? There can be no typos and mistakes on the original perfume labels. Inspect the text on the box and bottle line-by-line and compare it with the original.

3. Size and Volume

Check if the perfume comes in one of the manufacturer’s sizes. A 25-milliliter bottle for a fragrance that sells only in 50 and 100-mL variants is likely fake.

4. sources point 

The best way to ensure you’re getting original perfume is to buy it from the brand website, its official store on e-commerce platforms, and its physical shop

For example, if you buy Perfume or any product from our online stores you can be certain you’re getting the original product .. visit us

 gulf orchidmaison asrarmatin martin

5. Scent

The best way to tell originality is a smell test. Fake perfumes typically smell off and flat, or unbalanced. They also usually do not last long.
In contrast,

Our Original Perfumes are made of high-quality ingredients and crafted precisely by our in-house perfume designers. One sniff and you can tell our commitment to quality


Pick Original fragrance

Original fragrances do not only smell better. They are much safer than fake perfumes. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to tell if fragrance is original or fake.

Check the packaging, price, size, and scent against a known original when purchasing perfumes. Buying perfumes only from the brand’s official stores and channels is good practice.

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